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Facts and Statistics
Location: Northern Europe, bordering Finland 729 km, Sweden 1,619 km, Russia 196 km
Capital: Oslo
Population: 4,574,560 (July 2004 est.)
Ethnic Make-up: Norwegian, Sami 20,000
Religions: Evangelical Lutheran 86% (state church), other Protestant and Roman Catholic 3%, other 1%, none and unknown 10%

The Norwegian Language
Over 99% of the 4.3m population of Norway speak the official language, Norwegian. Norwegian has 2 written forms, "Bokmal" (Book Norwegian) and "Nynorsk" (New Norwegian) and they enjoy the same legal recognition, although "Bokmal" is increasingly more common. Minority languages include Finnish, spoken by 0.2% of the population, mainly in the northern region of Finnmark, as well as "Sami", a language closely related to Finnish, spoken by 0.9% of the Norwegian population.

Norwegian Society & Culture

The Family

  • Many families consist mainly of the nuclear family. 
  • Marriage is not a prerequisite to starting a family. 
  • Many couples live together without legalizing the arrangement with marriage. Therefore, it is best not to make presumptions about people's marital status.


  • Women are highly respected in business and generally receive equal pay and have access to senior positions. 
  • Norwegian women expect to be treated with respect in the office. 
  • Businesswomen are direct and can be skilled negotiators. 
  • Women may take up to one year's maternity leave at 80% pay or 10 months at 100% pay. 
  • If a woman decides to stay home with pre-school children she receives a monthly stipend from the government.

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