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Terrorist attack in Norway

Friday June the 22, 2011 Norway experienced the worst two attacks since the Second World War.

Norway is famous for its international peacekeeping efforts and is one of the most open societies in the world. Normal people can met both the Prime Minister, member of the Royal family or high political people like ministers when they are walking down town Oslo or out in the recreation area outside town. Everybody can stop and talk, show interest and discuss. This open society will be protected and we all believe we will manage to keep it this way.

In the first attack the whole government area was blown up by a car bomb, and it was only luck that casualties were only 8 dead and 10 with serious injuries. The blast happened after office time and during summer vacation. This blast could be 100 times worse if it had happened only one hour earlier. The bomb, could be heard, seen and felt all over Oslo, the capital in Norway.

The second attack is one of the worst attacks done by one single man in the whole world in modern time. Every summer 1000`s of young people meet on youth camps all over Norway. All political youth organizations do this. The attacker dressed like a police went into the camp on a small island only 45 min away from Oslo. During about 90 minutes executed kid by kid and manages, with 2 guns to kill 68 young people and about 50 was injured. Most of the survivors survived, by swimming the 500 meter is cold water to main land. A summer paradise changed to hell.

The perpetrator is arrested and is a Norwegian man, 32 years old Christian fundamentalist and belongs to the national conservative political right wing. It seems that he has been planning and executed this alone, but of course it will take time before we have full information about details. It looks like he has been planning this for several years. All previous terrorist attacks in Norway have been done by people with similar back ground.

Totally 76 people was killed but 5, or even more is still missing. 

Several central government building, included office to prime minister and ministry of justice is totally damaged, but all ministries are operational. 
It is incredible to see how Police, Rescue departments, Social health care and all other involved organizations handle this. The professionalism shown by all, the information strategy and the press who takes care and give good, documented and descent information. This makes us proud to be Norwegians.

All our thoughts go’s to all who are involved and have lost someone.

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The strength and feelings to the Norwegian people is best described in the words one of the young girls on Utoya did during a interviewer just hours after the massacre:

If one man can create so much hate, then think how much love all others can give.

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